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Mandolin Brothers is located in Staten Island, New York City. The company was founded in 1971 by friends and partners Stan Jay and Harold “Hap” Kuffner. They moved into the store’s present location on Forest Avenue in 1976, and have been an institution in the neighborhood ever since. Mandolin Bros. is well known as one of the largest dealers in the world of vintage and new fretted instruments and has a customer list as diverse and famous as the instruments they carry. When Paul McCartney comes to NYC to play – this is where he has his guitars repaired. When you walk into the entrance foyer you’ll see photos on the wall with the likes of Vernon Reid from the rock band “In Living Colour” as well as other big name guitar players. What better way to show off such a famous spot than with a Google Business View virtual tour.

Mandolin Brothers chose Google Business View because the service gave them a way to truly show off all of their Guitar, Mandolin, and Banjo filled rooms. Walking through the Mandolin Brothers shop is like being in a museum, and with the 360 degree views offered by the virtual tour you can really get a feel for the beautiful musical instruments they carry. The space is welcoming and just asks musicians to sit an play some of the wonderful musical instruments that adorn the walls. For potential customers who have never heard of Mandolin Brothers but find them in a search, Google Business View really gives them a reason to take a trip in to visit the store in person to see one of the widest selection of instruments available anywhere in the world.

The majority of all internet searches occur on Google, so having a solid presence across all their products (maps, search, G+ Local) is a great way for a business to attract new customers. Google Business View is an internet marketing tool that is indispensable to business owners trying to put their best foot forward on the internet.

Google+ Local Page: Mandolin Brothers

Mandolin Brothers is located at the following address:
629 Forest Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10310
(718) 981-8585 ‎


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