Google Business View Virtual Tour

A Selection of Still Images from this NJ Honda Dealer’s Google Business View Set

Hamilton Honda is the First Auto Dealer in New Jersey to add Google Business View to their Google+ Local Page. At the forefront of a new trend in automotive advertising, Hamilton Honda is a few steps ahead of their competition in the New York and New Jersey areas. With a truly beautiful building, showroom, and maintenance facility – Hamilton Honda understands the advantage of having the ability to show off their pristine facilities to every potential customer that finds them in a Google Search.

Take a walk through their showroom and into their express service garage and regular maintenance garage in the tour above and you’ll see what they have to be proud of. With facilities as clean and well maintained as this, a customer gets the impression that Hamilton Honda pays close attention to details and takes pride in everything they do. From an automotive advertising standpoint, Google Business View has the ability to have a greater effect on prospective customers than many other types of advertising media.

The virtual tour included in the service may be embedded on any page of the auto dealer’s website, and any view in the tour may be selected as the starting point. For example, on your welcome page – you can place customers at the front door. On the service webpage – you can begin the tour right in the center of your repair facility. Google Business View gives auto dealerships a new, unique way to attract customers through Google Products and can be more effective than traditional methods of advertising.

The new car sales industry is currently dominated by pricing transparency. Customers know that wherever they go to purchase a new car, the pricing will be about the same, and very competitive. Therefore, in order to attract new customers an auto dealership must rely on the environment they create for the customer experience. Convenience, comfort, and customers service are now the main selling points, and Google Business View is the best new way for an auto dealer to accentuate these features.

Google+ Local Page: Hamilton Honda

Hamilton Honda is located at the following address:
655 U.S. 130, Hamilton Township, NJ
(877) 472-5578


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