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A Selection of Still Images from this NYC Google Business View Session is located in the heart of New York City’s Diamond District and specializes in the manufacture and wholesale of fine diamond jewelry and watch designs. Much of their business is conducted over the internet, so it is important for to show customers that they also operate a brick and mortar showroom in the real world where customers can walk in and be helped by a friendly jeweler.

When it comes to online sales of high end jewelry, it is very important to instill confidence in your customers by reassuring them that there is a real location behind your internet catalog. If you consider that the first point of contact you will have with new customers will probably be through a Google Search or Maps Search, Google Business View is the best way to strengthen your presence on the internet.

Google Business View NYC includes a virtual tour that is visible on your Google+ Local Page, Google Maps, and in Google Search. If a business owner adds Google Business View, web users that are searching the internet and come across your listing will be greeted by new graphics and images that will make your listing stand out from your competition. Google Business View allows a business like to show off one of the most unique aspects of their business — the sales showroom.

Adding Google Business View enhances a business owner’s Google+ Local Page and immediately engages customers with a multimedia experience that is provided directly by Google and your Google Trusted Photographer. In the large number of search results generated by any query, it is important to do everything you can to stand out in the crowd. Google Business View gives business owners the tool they need to attract customers in a way that is interesting, interactive, and effective.

Google+ Local Page: Diamond District Jeweler

ItsHot is located at the following address:
2 West 46th Street #602
New York, NY 10036‎
(212) 398-3123