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A Selection of Still Images from MFried’s Google Business View Set

M. Fried Store Fixtures Inc. is a full service store fixtures company with an enormous showroom in Brooklyn, New York. With a warehouse attached to the showroom, they have literally thousands of items in stock and ready to ship to your business. M. Fried elected to hire a NYC based Google Trusted Photographer to provide their showroom with Google Business View so that they can show customers just how many products are available and implement the latest search engine marketing – SEO product available through Google.

When running a retail business it is important to furnish your stores properly with beautiful display cases, racks, and other items that hold and showcase your inventory. M. Fried has such a large variety of items available that it is impossible for them to place them all on the showroom floor, however, the display they have arranged is designed to give customers a good idea of the large assortment of inventory they stock. With Google Business View, M.Fried is able to attract new customers that find them on the web by including the new photos and virtual tour supplied by their New York Google Trusted Photographer.

M. Fried serves the NYC area and customers across the nation. The 360 degree interactive Virtual Tour from Google Business View allows clients to see that not only do they run a warehouse, but that M. Fried has a walk-in Brick and Mortar location that you can stop into if you’d like to browse. It shows their more distant clients that they do in fact have a way to connect directly with local customers on a personal level, and it lets new local clients really get a feel for why they should take the drive over to M. Fried when the time comes to outfit their own store, restaurant, or other business location with the proper fixtures.

Google+ Local Page: M. Fried Store Fixtures Inc.

M. Fried Store Fixtures Inc. is located at the following address:
176 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205
(800) 339-9113 ‎


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