Breads Bakery – Google Business Photos – New York, NY

Breads Bakery – Google Business Photos – New York, NY

Google Business View Virtual Tour – Breads Bakery – New York City

A Selection of Still Images from this delicious NYC Google Business View Shoot

Breads Bakery NYC. Here you will find delicious artisan bread creations of all flavors, shapes, and sizes. Feel free to browse what’s on the shelves and racks while walking the Google Business View Virtual Tour embedded above, but rest assured – nothing here stays where it is for very long. As we shot the photos for this mouth watering business location, we witnessed droves of people coming in and swiftly cleaning out the freshly baked inventory. No need to panic though, the staff at Breads Bakery works diligently to repopulate all the shelves with freshly made wonders just as quickly as they disappear.

So while you may be able to browse this bakery through the Google Virtual Tour we’ve created, you must come in and visit the bakery to experience the one thing we can’t transfer to via the magic of the internet — Smell. Lovely fresh baked bread scent to be precise. And while they haven’t figured out how to get it to you yet, we’re sure Google is working on it. For now though, you must take the trip to visit one of the best Bakeries that New York City has to offer – Bread’s Bakery on West 38th Street!

Google+ Local Page: Breads Bakery

Breads Bakery is located at the following address:
18 E 16th St
New York, NY 10003‎
(212) 633-2253