Karen Kirchoff Saminski, Esq. – New Jersey Law Office

Karen Kirchoff Saminski, Esq. – New Jersey Law Office

Google Business View Virtual Tour Using Street View Technology

A Selection of Still Images from this NJ Google Business View Session

The Law Firm of Karen Kirchoff Saminski, Esq. is located in Hoboken, New Jersey across the river from New York City. The firm specializes solely in representation of clients in every area of divorce and family law. The firm is dedicated to helping their clients find effective solutions to complex family issues.

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By adding Google Business View to their Google+ Local business listing, Karen Kirchoff Saminski’s Law Firm welcomes prospective clients that find the firm through Google Search and Google Maps into her office for a look around. It is important for clients to feel welcome and comfortable when they enter a Law office to discuss sensitive family matters. By taking a look around with the Google Virtual Tour above, a client can see that the environment at this law firm is friendly, clean, and well appointed.
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