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The Gold Standard is located in the town of Hewlett in Long Island, New York. The Gold Standard buys Gold, Jewelery, Watches, Coins and other valuable items. It is also a pawn shop where customers can get loans in exchange for leaving their items in care of the store. The Gold Standard provides their clients with a comfortable environment in which to conduct business and shakes the typical stereotypes associated with Pawn Shops and Gold Buyers. The virtual tour feature of Google Business View serves as a perfect way for The Gold Standard to show prospective clients the layout and decor of their location so that they will feel confident and comfortable walking through the front door with valuable items they wish to sell or pawn. This is the latest search engine marketing product from Google and is an important piece of any well designed marketing strategy.

In this industry the most important thing is for customers to feel comfortable in the environment where they will conduct business. Google Business View allows The Gold Standard to show off one of the most important aspects of their business to prospective customers that find them in Google Searches and on Google Maps. The majority of searches conducted on the internet are through Google, and Google Business View gives businesses one more way to stand out in those search results.

Google+ Local Page: The Gold Standard of Hewlett

The Gold Standard of Hewlett is located at the following address:
1195 Broadway
Hewlett, NY 11557
(516) 324-4100 ‎


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