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Point of Interest Photos from TraxNYC’s Google Photo Shoot

TraxNYC is located in New York, NY and has added Google Business View to their Google+ Local Page to help attract more customers with the latest Search Engine Marketing tool from Google. TraxNYC is the First Jewelry Store in New York City to add Business Photos from Google. Located in the heart of the Diamond District in NYC, TraxNYC specializes in custom diamond jewelry to include hip hop jewelry, men’s diamond rings, diamond watches, chains, and a full variety of women’s jewelry. When you step into TraxNYC via the Google Business View Virtual tour you’ll see beautiful wooden shelves and glass cases filled with some of New York City’s most unique pieces of custom jewelry. The walk through tour will give you a good feel for the type of inventory they carry as well as a view of custom jewelry work they do.

TraxNYC’s showroom is located on the 14th floor of 62 W47th street, and as anyone who’s been in the area knows, there a great number of jewelry stores at street level. So, unless a customer finds TraxNYC online or through a referral – it is easy to walk right by the building without realizing what a beautiful showroom they have up there. This is one of the reasons that TraxNYC hired a Google Trusted Photographer to provide them with Google Business View. With the virtual tour embedded on their website and available across Google Search, Maps, and Google+ Local – Business Photos is an invaluable Marketing and Advertising tool for this highly specialized jeweler.

The virtual tour provided in the Business Photos package gives TraxNYC a powerful way to show potential customers that there is a beautiful showroom located just a few floors up from street level — something they might never be aware of when they walk by. When customers search online, however, they will be able to see that TraxNYC has added Google Business View their Google+ Local Page and they’ll be invited in to take a look around. The addition of Business Photos is noticeable in Google Search results and during a Google Maps search. In both searches, business locations with Google Business View on their Google+ Local Pages will appear with 2-3 new photo/virtual tour image links that encourage users to click on them and take a look inside the location.

While this isn’t along the same lines as traditional SEO and won’t necessarily improve a business owner’s ranking in a Google Search — what it will do is make the search listing, maps listing, and Google+ Local Page stand out with new graphical links and animated images. These features are important and effective in that they make a business listing more noticeable to customers. In short, adding Google Business View helps a business stand out among their competition in the search results by providing an compelling and appealing reason for people to click through to the virtual tour or the Google+ Local Page. Who isn’t curious to take a look around inside a business they’re searching for?

Another feature of Google Business View are point of interest photos included with the service. In the case of TraxNYC, their NYC based Google Trusted Photographer provided them with a professional set of high quality images covering their showroom from many different angles, as well as product photos. These photos, combined with the virtual tour, give TraxNYC a wonderful marketing tool they can use to get more customers to walk through the front door. So if you are in Manhattan and looking for the finest in custom diamond jewelry, stop in and check out TraxNYC!

Google+ Local Page: TraxNYC

TraxNYC is located at the following address:
62 West 47th Street #14a – New York, NY 10036
(888) 988-8729 ‎


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